Louis Blanc – Côtes de Brouilly – La Ferrage – Gamme Vintage – Red Wine – 75 cl

Vin de la Vallée du Rhône Rouge- 13° 75cl - 2013 - Appellation d'Origine Protégée

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Situation : Location the “Côte de Brouilly” is located on the hillsides of “Mont Brouilly”. This is the only Beaujolais cru 100% planted on hillsides. It is the oldest cru of the Beaujolais.

Area: This is the smallest Beaujolais cru as to the area.

Soil: The lands of the “Côte de Brouilly” have a unique homogeneity in Beaujolais, source rock of granite, schist and strong presence of micro diorite. Rich in green minerals, the rock of “Mont Brouilly” was partially affected by the implantation of granite in the “Grands Crus” region, hence the name “Green Horn” that gives it sometimes. It is also called “blue stone of Brouilly” because bluish reflections that takes weathered rock.

Grape variety: “Gamay Noir” with white juice. It is the only grape variety adapted to this soil that is why the “Côte de Brouilly” is a Beaujolais cru.

Winemaking: long wine making whole berries with naturally occurring yeasts on the grape skin (natural yeasts).

Aging: A few months in oak barrels.