Louis Blanc – Rosé Pamplemousse – Rosé Wine – 75 cl

Rosé Pamplemousse - arôme naturel - 9,5° - 75cl

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Our rosé Pamp’ is a flavoured drink made from wine (kosher and mevushal), it offers the perfect balance between the freshness of rosé wine and the natural aroma of grapefruit. It can be enjoyed in moderation as a refreshing beverage and is the perfect accompaniment to an aperitif.

Production process:

  • Our wine is made from Aude country IGP rosé wine, water, a natural grapefruit flavouring and rectified concentrated grape must.
  • Filtered through 0.65 micron membranes.
  • Meshuval drink (pasteurised) obtained at bottling through Flash pasteurisation which, using complex equipment consisting of heat exchangers, involves rapidly heating the product (in just a few seconds) before cooling it just as quickly.
    Reducing the length of time of heat treating best preserves the quality of taste of sensitive drinks such as wines.

Composition :

  • ROSE WINE 72%
    (see product details David Michael Europe SAS)
  • COLOUR clear but + dark
  • Rectified concentrated grape must 66g/l
  • CO2 800 (BiB) and 1000 (bottled)

Processing: None.

Rose Pamp’ is best served chilled